CHILLIS WHOLE / POWDER - Chilli is the fruit of plant belonging to Capsicum genus. Chilli is one of the most spices garnishing dishes.

RED HOT DRY CHILLI WHOLE WITH / WITHOUT STEM  - Guntur Sanam S4 / LCA type is the most famous type among the chillies from India and has a massive demand from all corners of the globe. It widely grows in Guntur & regions of Andhra Pradesh and parts of Central India. Their skin is thick, red & hot & has its peak harvesting season from December to May. It has an ASTA Colour value of 32.11 and Capsaicin Value of 0.226%. 

Specifications S4 / LCA 334 are:  Colour Bright Red. Length not less than 5


cms. Moisture not more than 12.5 %. Foreign matter : not more than 2 %. Broken Chilli: not more than 7 %. Loose seeds: not more than 2 %. Damaged & discoloured pods: not more than 5 %. Pods without stalk not more than 8 %.   

TURMERIC WHOLE / POWDER - Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family. India is the world's primary producer of turmeric. Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world. It is available in whole or ground (powdered) form.   


CORRIEANDER WHOLE / POWDER - Coriander, is the dried mature fruits of Coriandrum sativumL. The colour shall be natural to coriander seeds and it may range from yellowish brown to grey. The taste and flavour of coriander, whole shall have the characteristic pleasant taste and aroma. 

Ground coriander is a major component of garam masala, a basic spice mixture used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. 


  Cumin is from the Umbelliferae family and an essential component  from spice-mixes to many curry delights. Whole cumin are oblong in shape, longitudinally ridged, and yellow-brown in color and lends a pungent flavor and is an important constituent of world famous CURRY POWDER.   


CAROM SEED (AJWAIN) -  Carom seeds have the botanical name of Trachyspermum is an uncommon spice except in certain areas of Asia. It is the small seed-like fruit 'similar to that' of the Bishop's Weed plant, egg-shaped and pale khaki / grayish in colour and look like a smaller version of cumin seeds. They are highly fragrant and smell and taste like thyme (with a stronger flavor).   
ASAFOETIDA - Asafoetida has a pungent garlic smell ( at times overwhelming smell) when raw, but in cooked dishes, it delivers a smooth flavor, reminiscent of leeks. Asafoetida is the dried latex (gum oleoresin) exuded from the living underground rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula (three of which grow in India), which is a perennial herb (1 to 1.5 mtr. High).  Asafoetida is extensively used for flavouring curries, sauces, and pickles

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